Auditions, Callbacks and Rehearsals

  • Please email Mrs Jones at or Debbie at if you have any questions.
  • You can find the rehearsal times on the calendar below. It has the same information as that shown on the Facebook page.
  • The padlock against an entry only signifies that you cannot edit the information, if annotated clicking the entry will bring up more information.

Note 1

This schedule is edited live on a regular basis - it is however possible that your browser may store out of date information so it is a good idea to press the 'F5' or refresh key before you examine the listing.

Note 2

If you find the listing difficult to read or can't see your group then try some of the other views by clicking on one of the other options (day 3days week etc)at the top right hand side of the calendar below.

Note 3

If you are viewing this on a smaller screen then it is possible to toggle the left hand margin by pressing the (very small) arrow in the line that divides it from the details on the right

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