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The end result of lots of hard work each year can be anything up to 8 shows, at the Hall for Cornwall, in front of a paying audience.

To maintain the excellent standard achieved by their predescessors a lot of rehearsal is needed.

As well as attending their normal ballet lessons at their normal ballet school. those dancers who are successful at the auditions will also be expected to attend rehearsals, many of which take place at weekends (initially just one day for many, however increasing to both days is not uncommon)

Seniors generally start the week after the auditions, Depending on the task, junior dancers will start at a later date although this does vary. Because of the size and variety of dance studios available the majority of rehearsals are conducted at Poltair School in St Austell. 

As the performance dates get closer then the last half term before the show is generally a frenzy of activity from rehearsals to costume fittings and practising with the live orchestra if available. 



The dancers are only the tip of the iceberg. A multitude of different tasks need to be carried out for every performance; from needlework to being a chaperone (application form available for download below), all are carried out by volunteers. 

Some tasks take only a few minutes while the successful completion of others is dependant on a lifetimes interest. All help is gratefully received.



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Application for a chaperone Licence

Directions to rehearsals & venue

Hall for Cornwall


Poltair School

St Austell                        

The Burrell Theatre


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