Rehearsals to Production

(A very simplified timeline)


Audition for Juniors/Seniors

Auditions are generally publicized well ahead of time, we try and ensure that all ballet schools in the county are aware of the dates and often manage to get an advert on local radio. We also send out a newsletter that goes to anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter and previous dancers and helpers. Auditions normally take place at Poltair School in St Austell, directions are available on the info page.

Call Backs/Final Selections

Dancers who have been successful at audition will be invited back and informed what role or dances they have initially been selected for. 


There are various legal formalities that have to be completed to allow us to carry out our Duty of Care and Safeguarding responsibilities correctly. They generally involve dancers and their parents agreeing to abide by the rules and filling out medical and contact forms. 

Pay fees

Unfortunately everything from tuition to costumes and set dressing costs money, fees are set by the committee. They can usually be paid in 4 instalments or as a one off. If this is a difficulty then please let us know as soon as possible in the process as there are some avenues we can pursue to assist.

Begin Rehearsals

Dancers are expected to continue dancing with their normal ballet school throughout. On top of those lessons rehearsals are generally held on a least one day a weekend before Christmas.

Regular weekend rehearsals

Rehearsals generally ramp up after Christmas interspersed with costume fittings. and the occasional press or fundraising day. EVERY dancer is expected to assist in some element of fundraising.

Press Call/ Programme Photos

At some stage during the rehearsals, when enough costumes are ready, we get the whole cast together for photographs. The photo shoot quite often takes place at the Burrell Theatre in Truro although we have used other spectacular venues such as Boconnoc House. Many of the images taken will form the basis of the media and marketing push and some of our favourites  will be seen in the final show programme.

Half term rehearsals

The half term prior to production is generally a hectic affair with final costume fittings, dancing with props and scenery layouts and heading towards the final polished performance with dress rehearsals - but still taking place at Poltair school 

Placing Call

The placing call is held at The Hall for Cornwall just a couple of days before the live performances. It is intended to show the dancers exactly where all their cue markers will be on the actual stage they will perform on. It also allows the younger dancers and the Chaperones to practice getting to the correct place at the correct time. Chaperones will have the opportunity to get used to their charges and responsibilities.  

Live Shows

The culmination of all the hard work and rehearsals. Playing to a full paying audience at The Hall for Cornwall is an amazing experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Duchy Ballet Ball

A few days after all the shows are over, the sets are packed away and the costumes are safely back in storage we try to take one more opportunity to bring everyone back together for a Ball at a local venue. It's often the last time many of the dancers from across the county will get together - until Auditions for the following years production...

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